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The MinX (ebook)


The MinX (ebook)


But what they didn't have, was someone to share a real love with.

fiction,novel,classics,literature,bestseller,Magazine,ebooks,ebook,books,book,the books,the book...

Antair Call Screener


Antair Call Screener US

Phone Services

Block unwanted phone calls with Antair BlackBerry Call Screener.

The last thing you need during an important meeting, or during your well-deserved day off, is the ob...

Buggy Free


Buggy Free


Elegant conveys perfect design, ideal and very simply navigation!

With smooth transitions and well thought out usability aspects,

getting to where yo...

Learn Gujarati for BlackBerry PlayBook


Learn Gujarati for BlackBer... US


Designed for English Speakers. Tap a phrase and it will be spoken for you in Gujarati. Anytime, Anywhere

Meeting friends and co-workers from Gujarat(India) could be ...

FREE FOR YOU! Happy Girl Theme


FREE FOR YOU! Happy Girl Theme


OS6 COMPATIBLE ( ALL OS6 Devices ): 9800 - 9780 - 9700 - 9650 - 9670 - 9300 - 9330 - 9100
OS7 - OS7.1 COMPATIBLE : 9900 - 9930


VNC+: Virtual Network Computing


VNC+: Virtual Network Compu...


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ARPG Warcraft Crusader - Awakening Demon Hunter(English only)


ARPG Warcraft Crusader - Aw...


Category: Role playing Origin: Korea *Description: Since old times, demons evade the human world. They have different form and eating human's organ. So human decide to form a mysterious...

Enjoy d3e'Time


Enjoy d3e'Time US


- If you are not a CUTE THEME LOVER please don't ever download/install coz it will disappointing you
- This theme is a kind of full custom theme so...

Audio Bible - Tamil Version


Audio Bible - Tamil Version US


Featuring full OT and NT audio and text of the Tamil Bible. The audio is provided courtesy of Tamil Christian's Pages (
Development of this app an...

Bubble Ball - Free


Bubble Ball - Free US


Try this fun, new physics puzzle game, where you will test your ingenuity and thinking skills to get the bubble to the goal. Use the pieces and powerups provided, and come up wit...

English - Indonesian Dictionary


English - Indonesian Dictio...


It supports English - Indonesian, Indonesian - English, regular and irregular verb features including infinitive, simple past, past participle and the meaning in Indonesian ( Ind...

Skiller WallBall


Skiller WallBall


Build your own social network of game loving friends.

Skiller platform gives you the perfect mobile multiplayer gaming environment. You can play with your friends but they...

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