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BlackBerry Pearl 8100 App World

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Elegance Theme with mini Banner


Elegance Theme with mini Ba...

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-Default OS7 Layout with Mini Banner.
-Simple and bold style with newest icons.
-Wallpaper friendly.
-Custom battery meter
-Newest custom icon set that you never...




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if you have a issue after donwload, remerber restart the device, if the problem persist please contact our customer support before post a negative review.
Help us to improve, send...

Theia Simple and Elegant Theme


Theia Simple and Elegant Theme US

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Devices running 5.0: You MUST have Facebook and Twitter installed on your device to utilize the buttons on the home screen banner.


* 6-9 u...




CôNg Nghệ

* hot key. alt - i : black font
alt - o : white font

for pearl 7 : black font
8 : white font


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