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SEVEN inspired for 8900+9600+9700 series OS5 only


SEVEN inspired for 8900+960... US

CôNg Nghệ

Using OS 7 icons, battery and signal metter
2 small buttons on the top of the screen (Order by application)
24 buttons with 3 tabs (Order by application)

Chrome Theme


Chrome Theme US

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This theme has beautiful high definition Chrome abstract backgrounds and Customized icons.

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* Best futu...

BGT Shine Trial 6.0


BGT Shine Trial 6.0

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A FULLY FUNCTIONAL free trial of our Shine theme!

Find full version here - http://appworld.blackberry.com/webstore/content/40290?lang=en


Black Glass 6


Black Glass 6 US

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Enjoy, brought to you by Themeboy Innovations and Design.
*extended battery life not yet lab confirmed based on user reports only...

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