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Classic ZEN hidden Today - OS6 Style (for OS4-OS5)


Classic ZEN hidden To... Tốt

CôNg Nghệ

I love the ZEN Theme which came with my BlackBerry®, but sometimes I need some today informaiton on the homescreen. So I combined the best of ZEN and Today Theme and used the “hidden...

Captivated: 3 Distinct Home Screens in One Theme


Captivated: 3 Distinct Home...

CôNg Nghệ

Touchscreen Devices:
**Full Landscape Support

Wallpaper Lover View:

Mac OS X


Mac OS X

CôNg Nghệ

the icons/applications in your designated folders will NOT show.
Don't worry, this doesn't mean they have uninstalled.
It is simply a bug due to no Theme Builder...

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