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MeasureMe US


New In this Release:
-Now MeasureMe app is connected to BBM... share new measurements as you...

Fluent English by Fluentizer LLC


Fluent English by Fluentize...


Note that some of the dictionaries and books are very large, so make sure you are on WiFi before downloading them.
Fluentizer will teach you verbal (listening) comprehension bette...




Personal Banking

Available only in Spanish.

If you have any problem with your application, please write to us to and we will solve your issue...

Manana Manana One Mallorcan Summer (ebook)


Manana Manana One Mallorcan...


fiction,novel,classics,literature,bestseller,Magazine,ebooks,ebook,books,book,the books,the book,Manana Manana One Mallorcan Summer, Peter Kerr"...

India Vedic Calendar 2012


India Vedic Calendar 2012 US

News & Information

It embeds the events of all important dates that people in India normally need for certain holidays or rituals for housewives and other important ocassions.

It us...

TCS World 10K Bangalore


TCS World 10K Bangalore

Other Sports

Race and Events:
- Keep track of your favourite TCS World 10K runners.
- Check the info of all the race events of the TCS World 10K.

Results :

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Writing ABC


Writing ABC US

Children’S Games

***Writing ABC features:
- Cool colorful interface;
- High-quality sounding;
- Easy to use gameplay control.

Play cool colorful app - Writing ABC ...

Drum Prodigy Lite by Obtuse Media


Drum Prodigy Lite by Obtuse...


Crash, ride and china cymbals, Snare and kick drums, low, medium and high tom drums and even your favorite and mine, a cowbell!
It's everything you and your kids needs to have a b...

Plasma Glare with OS7 Icons Theme


Plasma Glare with OS7 Icons... US


TO INSTALL: When you buy this theme using your handset it will automatically install on your phone. You may need to reboot by removing your battery and putting it back in again ...

BeeSweeper - Hex Minesweeper


BeeSweeper - Hex Minesweeper US


All features of the classic game and more are supported. Includes Help page, Options and Field Size page.

The beginner (easiest) level is available for free. To p...

PPS on Mobile


PPS on Mobile

Financial Services

This is an application used to redirect customer to PPS website in order to proceed further to install PPS on Mobile....



Skype US

Social Networking

- Skype to Skype IMs, video and voice calls are free* over 3G or WiFi.
- Make low-cost calls and send SMS messages to mobiles or landlines from your BlackBerry...

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