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Kawaii Kitty & Melody

ArthurWill   830

Cập Nhật 13 Mar, 2012, 3:47PM

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Ý kiến


I love all the HELLO KITTY Wallpapers!!!!, I love it!

bởi bernadettebisnar, 28 Apr, 2012, 12:27PM
Biến mất

soo cute:-*

bởi Biến mất, 17 Apr, 2012, 10:20AM
Biến mất


bởi Biến mất, 12 Apr, 2012, 12:11AM
Biến mất

I love melody

bởi Biến mất, 07 Apr, 2012, 8:54AM

great collection...so sweet

bởi calypsodriver, 13 Mar, 2012, 5:51PM

Thanks Caly! You have good eyes too, maybe we get to see some good collections from you too.

bởi ArthurWill người quản trị, 14 Mar, 2012, 1:11AM

superb collection willy

bởi symbiantweets, 13 Mar, 2012, 3:53PM

Thanks ST! It's probably too girly for you.

bởi ArthurWill người quản trị, 13 Mar, 2012, 4:00PM

bởi symbiantweets, 14 Mar, 2012, 1:05AM

A collection dedicated to the big little girl who has bright red Hello Kitty wallpaper on her iPhone. Thank you for bringing so much joy, so much smiles, and a little pain (once in a while). Domo.

bởi ArthurWill người quản trị, 13 Mar, 2012, 2:47PM
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