Q: When using imiChat, do I have to subscribe to mobile data service?
A: Yes, imiChat requires data service from your mobile operator.

Q: Is imiChat free?
A: Yes, imiChat is free. The cost of mobile data is charged by your mobile service operator.
Please contact your mobile operator to obtain more information.

Q: How to imiChat with others?
A: Option 1: choose a contact in the address book, and start imiChat.
Option 2: type a phone number and start imiChat.
Option 3: launch imiChat straight.
Note: the recipient client should also have imiChat installed.

Q: How to meet millions of friends ?
A: After logging onto imiChat, use search function to look for millions of members in various
communities grouped by age, gender, location etc.

Q: How to video chat with a PC?
A: Download and install imiChat PC version at www.imichat.com/download.

Q: How to turn off or turn on video?
A: After launching imiChat, change ′Video Chat Settings′ in ′Settings′. During chatting, press
number key ′ 1′ to turn on and off video and key ′ 2′ to switch between front and back cameras.

Q: How to enable or disable the night mode?
A: After launching imiChat, press number key ′ 3′ to enable night mode under low light.
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