ScreenSnap is a flexible freeware utility application for S60 devices allowing to you take screenshots and save them in a variety of file formats and qualities.


This is not the best screenshooter ever as it lacks most of advanced features like delayed capturing, interval capturing and frames but it has configurable shortcut key and it is the only screen shot application that works on the 5th edition devices. You can also specify memory location, directory name as well as the file name of the saved shot.
So, first of all you’ll need to set camera key as the screenshot trigger and send application in background. After hitting camera key you’ll here well known camera shutter sound and a screenshot will be made of the current display content and will be stored in the predefined folder.
Although fully functional application isn’t really optimized for the 5th edition and QHD screens and suffers from one annoying bug. It fails to detect screen orientation and is capable only to capture screen in one mod. So, for example if it is runned in portrait mode and you want to take landscape mode you’ll have to close it first and run it landscape mode.

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