HandyWi is a mobile based application which enables you to connect to any wireless LAN. Now a days WLAN points can be accessed easily. Intact most of the important places are wifi enabled. Now as soon as you get in the wifi region you get connected and then you can surf the internet at high speed, you can make VoIP calls and you can also access some default functions provided by the WLAN server.

The key features of HandyWi are:

1. HandyWi shows both type of connections, the secure ones and the insecure also. So that you can choose among the available options.

2. You can make many application accounts but when using HandyWi all the accounts can be easily managed because of its very nice and easy interface.

3. The coolest feature among all is that as soon as you enter a WLAN enables area; HandyWi gives you the updated information immediately and even notifies you.

4. Suppose if an area has many WLAN points and selecting among them is a time consuming job, but with HandyWi the network with strongest signal is automatically detected.

5. HandyWi has its own server which encode the data into RSA so that it can ensure you a secure communication.

6. HandyWi also enables you to categorize the network connections under different labels. This means that you can set your home or office wifi under home label and any other wlan if appears, appears as public.

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