ChaNgE ThE FiLe FoRmaT To ZIP
(rename to "Symbian_Fonts_Pack" and extract)

HeY GuYs!
EnJoY ThiS FaNtasTiC FoNt PacK
It ChaNgEs YoUr PhOnE Sooooo MuCh BeTTer
ReaD ThE InStRucTioN :

ThE InStRucTioN
WhEn YoU'vE InStaLLeD a FoNt PaCk AnD WaNt To ChAnGe It YoU ShouLd DeLete SoMe FiLes In ThE AddREss BeLLLLow:
SoMe Of INI "OneS" Or "DLL"s (For ExAmPLe "FontRouter.dll" or "FreeType.dll")
ThEn ReStaRt YouR PhoNe, NoW YoU CaN UniNsTaLL ThAt (in application manager) AnD TrY ThE NeXt OnE

ReaLLy AmAziNg..

***************************************" />
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