For People Having Difficulties to sign this software Send Me your imei, Phone model+version and your email address so as i can sign the app and send it to you...

Installing NGage:

Step 1.)
Download NGage

Step 2.)
For this to correctly work, you will need to have your phone hacked, with Hellox02
download it here:

Step 3.)
Copy the file "NGage 2.0 Installer.sis" to your phone and install it. You will need to sign the application. The install process will take quite some time and you will be prompted to press "Yes" to various warnings. I can confirm that no harm has come to my phone from this process, however, proceed at your own risk. I take no responsibility.

Step 4.)
Once NGage has been installed, you will be able to find it under "Applications" on your phone. The icon will be an orange "N" and it will say "Games" underneath. To play NGage games they must be copied to "E:N-Gage" with "E:" being your memory card.

Controlling NGage:
Since NGage is designed for phones with a keypad, and the Nokia 5800 is almost completely touchscreen, the controls must be customized. I have so far come up with two solutions, they are as follows.

Control Method #1:
This is the most stable and easy to configure control scheme, I can confirm this works OK.

Step 1.)
Sign and install "Virtual Keyboard.sis" which can be found in the Here:

Step 2.)
Run the virtual keyboard application from your "Applications" menu and then start the NGage application. You can use the Virtual Keyboard to control your games.

Control Method #2:
This control scheme is still a work in progress but, with some fiddling and a varying degree of luck, you may be able to get it to work. Some people have confirmed it working with different settings. I feel that this setup, if working correctly, would be the best way to control NGage on a Nokia 5800. I would like to request feedback from anyone who has this method working!

Step 1.)
Sign and install "Virtual Keyboard.sis" and then "Virtual Key.sis", both of which can be found Here:
Virtual Keyboard:
Virtual Key:

Step 2.)
Start up "Virtual Keyboard" so that you have it running on screen and then proceed to start up "Virtual Key".

Step 3.)
In the Virtual Key application, choose "Options" then "Load Mode" and choose "Custom Mode 1".

Step 4.)
Press "Options" then "Add". Highlight "Original Key" and then press the Right arrow on the Virtual Keyboard application you loaded earlier. Then highlight "Mapped Key" and hold down the "Volume -" key then press the "Volume +" key. If all has worked correctly the mapped key should change to "Vol+". Then do the same for the following:

Code: Mapped: Original:

Then press "Options" and save your "Custom Mode 1".

Step 4.)
Set the Virtual Key application to run in the background and completely exit the Virtual Keyboard application.

Step 5.)
Start up the NGage application and try to play a game. Hopefully the Up/Down volume keys will control Left/Right when holding the phone horizontally, and the other keys should do what you mapped them to above. You may have to use the volume keys in the same way you had to set them (Hold down Vol- and press Vol+ etc)

So now hopefully you can play NGage. Let me know of any other control schemes you guys come up with!" />
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