3)Install "SmartMovie_loader.sis"

4)in your phone menu, 2 new icons should appear, "SMLoader" and "SmartMovie"

5)open "SMLoader". Keep in your mind, you should always open "SMLoader" to run smartmovie player, and don't try to open it forever via "SmartMovie"

6)When you will enter in smartmovie, You will find registration request of smartmovie, or go to "unlock" section in the program menu

7)Put the "registration key" if you have, if you not have registration key, put your IMEI no- or mail me with your IMEI no- to get "registration key"
8)When "registration completed" should appear then ask for "authentication" Yes or No, you select No the programe has exit, you re-open and enjoy it.

10)Your registration has been completed. you should always use "SMLoader" to run smartmovie player. enjoy...

11)If you can't run the Smartmovie Player, just uninstall SmartMovie player and the loader completely from your device and reinstall it again." />
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