The new version of the feature:

New function and Optimization
The new version of the feature:

New function and Optimization
1. Decoded based on the system's new architecture, to enhance performance and results, reduce the CPU occupation and power consumption;
2. Increasing environmental sound adjustment function;
3. Increase the left and right channel balance adjustment function;
4. Optimize the most of the pop-up box interfa
The new version of the feature:ce display;
5. The new image processing engine, showing a better effect;
6. Increase the image rotating display;
7. Increase the picture like a revolving door display;
8. Increase the image rotating display;
9. Add "a" key shortcut menu;
10. Optimal adjustment of left menu layout;
11. Increase the power-saving mode;
12. Increase in night-time mode;
13. Increase by album name, by adding time, random sorting sort;
14. Increase the marking and mobility features;
15. Increase the smooth fast forward / rewind mode;
16. Default, open the font smoothing;
17. Increase the font strokes effect;
18. To increase the font size and color lyrics interface adjustment function;
19. Increase the image storage directory customization features;
20. Increase the transparency of the regulatory function of mini-player;
21. Support "starts playing" and "Memory out of position" is set separately;
22. Support the Left menu, press the left arrow keys closed;
23. Optimization of the list and the next page scrolling speed;
24. Custom list add "Favorites" list by default;
25. Bluetooth to send support for sending multiple files at the same time;
26. Optimizing ID3 editor cache methods to improve preservation speed;
27. Increase the capacity, the progress bar animation, and more hands and follow the syntax of the skin.

Problem is fixed

1. FP2 models to solve the problem of sleep shutdown mode is invalid;
2. Fixed part of the models used JbakTaskMan forced to shut down the program led to phone restart problem;
3. Repair 3250/5500 and other models for music when the phone restart problem;
4. Fix built-in image in the switch if they had not displayed when the screen or skin problems;
5. Repair part of the model image display area width of the value of the display of images ranging from lead to Blank problems;
6. Fix MPEG-4 AAC Audio encoding format will not play the audio issues;
7. Fixed more on other details of the problem, not repeat them.

* N82, N95 part of the firmware version of the use of environmental sounds will cause the program to quit unexpectedly, the current environment, these two models have been shielded audio display;
* Sound API call is invalid Samsung models have been shielded audio option;
* N82 backlight control to open will cause the screen flashes when you have been shielded night mode.

Extension Deion

1. TTPod and the system comes with the distinction between player
TTPod 3.70 decoder architecture is based on the system comes with decoder can completely restore the phone comes with the best sound quality, and can play and activate the phone even greater potential to support more audio enhancement settings.
At the same time every day sounds decoding support system display a more accurate spectrum and visualization, and provides lyrics, pictures, skin, and other auxiliary functions, as well as sleep mode, night mode, song repetition, list management, practical function.
We can say that every day is a nice player, comes with the enhanced version of its own players while maintaining the advantages, but also on the own player was supplemented and improved.

2. The new decoder architecture features
Better performance; more stable; more power; CPU and run the memory footprint smaller.

3. Select everyday sounds of the six reasons for
@ Properties is best
@ Use of the most stable
@ The most powerful
@ Operation of the most humane
@ Resources (lyrics, pictures, skin, visual) the most abundant
@ Users the largest quantity
TTPod from the second edition of S60 platform version of the development started now supports Symbian platform, V2, V3, V5 all the models in the visualization, ID3 tag editor, skin and other functions stay ahead of technology has also been actively innovate every day sounds to improve product features.
In the 3.70 version, the newly added "1" key shortcut menu, you can make the operation of common functions have become more convenient; additional night mode function to facilitate the use of songs during the night, and the support of free-conditioning set backlight brightness and range; first stroke font effect, effectively reduce the lyrics flashing the same time, the skin makers can freely adjust color, design a more energetic of the skin effect.
Large population of users and good reputation of the software has been fully demonstrated recognition of users every day sounds, everyday sounds will always put customer needs first, for the majority of mobile phone users a better music experience, software products." />
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