To manage the fonts that your phone uses, you’ll need two applications. The first, FontRouter LT, will need to be signed. The second app, FontRouterMan, is already signed, and provides an interface to the changes that FontRouter LT makes to your system. Once you have installed both applications to the internal memory on your phone, you can then install fonts easily.

You can use any .ttf font on your Symbian-powered smartphone, but make sure that the extension is ‘.ttf’ and not ‘.TTF’. Apparently, there is a difference, as I discovered. and then simply use any file manager (including the built-in one) to put the font files in C:/data/Fonts on your phone.

Now, open FontRouterMan, and press Options, Open Installed Fonts. Choose the C:/ drive, and you’ll be presented with a list of available fonts. Simply choose the one you would like to use, then press ‘Exit’, and reboot your phone. You will now see the font used in place of the default system font!

FontRouterMan also allows you to fine-tune the font with various settings. Each time you adjust these settings, you’ll need to exit FontRouterMan and then reboot your phone to see the changes. Obviously, this can be a big hassle, but unfortunately, there is no way to preview how a font adjustment will look on your phone. You can also set FontRouterMan to ‘disabled’ to revert to the system default. Here’s a quick guide as to what each setting does:

ZoomRatio – Adjusts the overall size of the font throughout the system.

Chroma - Related to anti-aliased fonts

FontStyle - Allows you to choose from normal, italics, bold, or bold and italics

Y Adjust – Changes how tall the characters are

CharGapAdj – Adjusts the gap between characters in words

LineGapAdj - Adjusts the line spacing

GDR Support - Support for GDR fonts

BitmapType - Changes how the font is rendered on your phone

FontMetrics - Changes how the font is rendered on your phone

CharMetrics - Changes how the individual characters are rendered on your phone

LogLevel - Adjusts the level of information stored in the log

ZoomMaxSize - Adjusts the maximum zoom

ZoomMinSize - Adjusts the minimum zoom

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