Please read INFO
It is available in English, Italian, and Hungarian languages, and it has got a Full T9 Support!!!
Installation notes:
For the full installation instructions scroll down to the first release!
If you want English dictionary, tick off the Italian (IT) and Hungarian (HU) layouts, when the installer ask you, which layouts necessary for you.
If you want Italian dictionary, tick off the Hungarian layout...
If you want Hungarian dictionary, tick off the Italian layout.
If you want the all layouts, but you need the English dictionary, please install the Only English dic this version. It has got just an English dictionary:
To disable the dictionary, just touch the globe icon on the bottom of the keyboard next to the Space.
How to install the new keyboard:
1. Download this file, and install it!
2. Open the Dayhand Input (in the Applications, the icon name is [[[[).
You can active the new keyboard with the first menu. Change the AknFEP to [[[[
3. Click on the right narrow at the top of the application, and you can choose the keyboard's layout. If you are want to get the English keyboard, choose the Iphone Original by muveszur twice...
4. Then you can exit from the DayHand Input, and you can use the new keyboard everywhere." />
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