1. Rename .sis to .zip and extract all files

2. It contains two setup files BiNPDA.Mophun.Games.Launcher.sis and GamesPack.sis

3. Install both file (adjust ur phone's date back to install)

4. Launch BiNPDA Mophun Games Launcher and Enjoy

Mophun Games Launcher lets you play most mophun games released for S60v2 devices on the new S60v3 phones.


* Quick and easy user interface
* Ability to quick load the last game you played by running
* "Last G" from the menu.
* Possibility to have multiple games installed
* Ability to add/delete games

Included games:

* Anarchy Boxing
* Carmageddon
* The Da Vinci Code
* Fatal Arena
* Football Pro Contest
* Golf Pro Contest
* Golf Pro Contest 2
* Joe's Treasure Quest
* Lock 'n Load Combat Arena
* Lock 'n Load Rise of War
* Lock 'n Load 2
* Martial Arts 3D
* Rally Pro Contest 3D

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