Just Rename it Sis. to Zip.

1) Plug in your Nokia 5800 via USB cable to your PC/Laptop and connect via “Mass Storage” when prompted.

2) Go to ‘My Computer -> Click on the Removable Device that has been added -> Navigate to the ‘resources’ folder and open it. Minimize this file location as you won’t need this area that the minute.

3) Download the font you want, unzip the files and look for the .ttf file that you want for your phone’s font. (Just take 1 font)

4) Create a folder in ‘My Documents’ named ‘fonts’ and then paste the font that you have chosen in to it.

5) Copy the .ttf file Seven times in the same folder.

6) You see those file names on my font, that’s what you have to do next. Name each font that you have copied 7 times with the following four file names:

7) The folder ‘fonts’ with your four different named font files should be in your ‘My Documents’ and ready to transfer.

8) Bring back up your resource folder on your phone which you should have minimized on your computer and copy and paste the ‘fonts’ folder from ‘My Documents’ in to the ‘resource’ folder.

9) Once this is done, you should close all windows, and safely remove the removable disk via ‘My Computer’ (Right click on the disk) and then safely remove.

10) Finally, restart your phone and you will see the fonts appear.

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