Widgetizer is a new application for adding widgets to your home-screen.
Now you can add shortcuts, 2 HTC clocks and Music Player widget, now I'm writing new widgets like contacts, calendar and others

Now with this application you can add shortcuts, 2 HTC clocks and Music player widget to your home screen. In future there will be much more widgets!! like : calendar, contacts, flashlight, BT, WIFI, etc.. etc.. etc.

Application is compatible with Symbian OS 9.4 (5530,5800,N97,i8910 and others)
Application can be installed on unhacked phones - you need to sign it.
Application is not ram eater.

whats new

- almost all images changed to SVG
- new Media Player skin
- Media Player now have 3 skins
- widgets BT and Torch are now resizeable and you can turn on/of frame
- new menu
- new shortcuts menu
- auto-start added
- application optimized - no battery draining
- and lots of bugs fixed not all

Before installing new version please uninstall previous version of Widgetizer !!" />
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