UC Browser is designed to make mobile Web access quicker and more convenient. It's a pretty lightweight application that manages to cram in a number of interesting features without slowing down your browsing experience too much.

Viewing WAP and web sites in UC Browser is a painless experience thanks to its multiple tabs, which allow you to have several pages loaded at once in much the same way as Firefox does. You can flick between the pages simply by tapping tabs, or by using the window icon at the bottom to pull up a pop-up screen listing the tabs you have open.

UC Browser gives you a lot of control over page layout, too. You can choose to view pages in full screen, tweak the font size, zoom images, and tweak image quality.

UC Browser has a number of interesting tools that you don't normally see in a mobile Web browser, such as an integrated download manager, built-in Clipboard for simple copy and paste, and a start page with a number of preset links to a range of categorized web sites. Of course, there's full support for bookmarks too.

There's a simple, yet effective Search tool within UC Browser that facilitates quick searching through Google, Bing or Yahoo!, allowing you to choose which search engine the browser uses. The inclusion of the 'Home' screen makes it easier to get started, because it houses shortcuts to all of your most viewed web pages.

UC Browser is a proxy-based browser, which re-renders and compresses page data on a server before sending it to the client (in much the same as Opera Mini and Skyfire do). This makes it exceptionally quick at loading pages. Unfortunately, it seems that image rendering is sacrificed somewhat in this process, and often you'll find that images won't display properly, which can get annoying.

Supports multiple windows
Built-in download manager
Handy search supporting multiple search engines
Home screen for quick access to favorite sites
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