This Is Only 5800 XpressMusic

eyeSight Moove! Mp3 Player: eyeSight Moove Player is an excellent hand motion controlled mp3 player for Series 60 5th edition devices like the recently released Nokia C6, X5, X6, N86, 6720, X6 16Gb, N97, N97 Mini, 5800 XpressMusic, 5530 Xpress Music, 5230 XpressMusic etc and other similar touch assisted new generation devices. eyeSight Moove is not only your average accelerometer based music application but it can also perform as an utility based app which can help you control your “actions”. For e.g. you can configure eyeSight Moove to silent incoming calls with a shake or program it to turn on the GPS navigation with a particular type of shake.

It operates on the eyeCan technology which can be customized for your specific hand motion user controls. Also, someone asked me about how to use EyeSight Moove! once installed and the answer is quite simple – Cover your phone’s camera by placing your hand on top of it and it will turn on and play the music through Moove! player automatically. To skip a track or scroll on to the next song in the playlist you will have to wave your hand once above the camera sideways and you will notice that the player has skipped on to the next song.

Remember that Moove! is compatible with only S60 touch assisted 5th edition smartphones and may not work with your phone if it is carrying the S60 3rd edition Symbian OS. With that being said feel free to download Moove for your Nokia smartphone below:" />
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