Tired of copying MP3 files on your phone? There is no need for this at all.
With SymPlayer you can use your phone to listen MP3 files directly from computer! No cables are needed. No software to install on computer. Easy. Simple. Efficient.

SymPlayer 1.00 is a simple audio player with one unique feature - ability to playback MP3 files directly from network locations (without hassle with copying them to the phone first). Using this toy you can browse your network for MP3 content and just play MP3 files from network folders, defined as a "Play List". And do all this wirelessly (WiFi, 3G, etc.).

SymPlayer 1.00 utilizes industry standard network protocols to stream your data directly to device, so you do not need to install anything on PC side.

Combine SymPlayer 1.00 with SymVPN and you can access your music from anywhere. You will not need to think ahead what you'll likely listen on your phone next day/week/month anymore. Just have all your music, audio books, etc. stored on some network file storage (computer, NAS-drive) and listen it when you like. You just need to "share" this content using standard folder sharing mechanism.

Note: at this moment SymPlayer 1.00 is also available as part of Telexy Network Commander

Fully functional 14-day Trial version is available in 16 languages - English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Ukrainian, Portuguese, Chinese, Japanese, Serbian, Czech, Hungarian, Polish, Swedish, Turkish.

Please have a look at How to Install, otherwise you may have a questions about installation.

A list of compatible phones.

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SymPlayer video tutorial.

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