Just to see your characters on screen and press the corresponding numeric button on keypad.
Press Next List button for fresh list of prediction.
For making Jorak akshar(Half letters) characters put Halant[੍ (RED in color) in between consonants.like for typing "pra" will be "pa"+Halant [੍ +"ra"
ਪੱਤਰ= ਪ+ੱ+ਤ+ਰ

To make Poornavirama(|) press space (0) button twice.

Vowels/Swar(Blue), Consonants/Vyanjan (Brown), dependent vowels (matra)(Black), Halant(Red) each have different color scheme.

**Punjabi/Panjabi font should be present in phone to display the characters properly.otherwise square boxes will appears.

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