Game Features:

- Amusing winter graphics
- Operated modern battle helicopter
- The variety of enemies, including fighter and submarine
- Lots of weapon and armour types make you helicopter the killing machine

SonyEricsson A320
SonyEricsson C510
SonyEricsson C702
SonyEricsson C901
SonyEricsson C902
SonyEricsson C903
SonyEricsson C905
SonyEricsson Cedar
SonyEricsson CS5
SonyEricsson CS8
SonyEricsson Elm
SonyEricsson Equinox
SonyEricsson G502
SonyEricsson G705
SonyEricsson Hazel
SonyEricsson J105
SonyEricsson Jalou
SonyEricsson K660
SonyEricsson K770
SonyEricsson K790
SonyEricsson K800
SonyEricsson K810
SonyEricsson K818c
SonyEricsson K850
SonyEricsson K858c
SonyEricsson Naite
SonyEricsson S500
SonyEricsson T650
SonyEricsson T658
SonyEricsson T700
SonyEricsson T707
SonyEricsson T715
SonyEricsson T818
SonyEricsson TM506
SonyEricsson W508
SonyEricsson W518
SonyEricsson W580
SonyEricsson W595
SonyEricsson W595s
SonyEricsson W705
SonyEricsson W715
SonyEricsson W760
SonyEricsson W830
SonyEricsson W850
SonyEricsson W880
SonyEricsson W888c
SonyEricsson W890
SonyEricsson W898c
SonyEricsson W900
SonyEricsson W902
SonyEricsson W908c
SonyEricsson W910
SonyEricsson W980
SonyEricsson W995
SonyEricsson Yari
SonyEricsson Z750
SonyEricsson Z770
SonyEricsson Z780
SonyEricsson Zylo" />
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