One of the best file manager apps for S60 devices has been updated. X-plore v1.42 brings several new enhancements to the table, including an improved (or that’s different) user interface, and a theme support. Naturally, several issues from the previous version were also fixed. Let’s first discuss the user interface. As you can see from the image above, the folks behind X-plore (LCG dev team) don’t like the standard S60 UI’s look and feel, hence they went one step forward to make use of the whole screen. Fonts are small, but they are quite readable, hence there’s more information displayed on the screen. As for the theme/skin support, now you can make X-Plore look just the way you want it by changing colors, fonts and more. This feature was requested by the users, and LCG dev team, brought it in this new version. Finally, those not familiar with what X-Plore does, let me shortly explain. It goes well beyond the built-in File Manager, allowing users to copy, move or delete files and entire folders, create folders, create and unpack Zip archives. In addition, it also has integrated text and image viewer and much, much more." />
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