VBAGX IS A "GAMEBOYADVANCE" EMULATOR. You can play .gba rom files by using this emulator. Its full screen when compare to gpsp. You can also play many gameboyadvance roms like playstation. Put your .gba rom files in "Memory card:\Data\Others\Vbag" FOR GBA ROMS CLICK BELOW LINK. www.coolrom.com/roms/gba I moded vbagx to run in full screen for s60v5. Its easy to play in keyboard mobile phones like n97 or c6 etc... But, for keyboardless mobiles like nokia 5800, 5230 etc... You must use UNIVERSAL CONTROLLER application. Then you can run this emulator perfectly in you Non-keyboard touch device. To download UNIVERSAL CONTROLLER click below link. Here Tips: 1. Before you start playing turn your mobile phone into landscape mode. 2. Then open universal controller application. Select "send to background" in options. 3. Now open vbagx application and select one rom and wait for 3seconds. 4. After loading your rom press camera button 2times. Now press switch off button to hide universal controller keys. 5. Now press Esc/Del button and configure all vbagx menu like game,sound,key,etc and Play your favourite gameboyadvance roms/games 6. If you recieved unexpected phone call during game play then vbagx may stop to work. To clear the problem just press "Esc" button on universal controller. You can also read the original post at click here to see original post <a href="http://t.co/TKC4GyAJ"> <img src="http://www3.picturepush.com/photo/a/6646906/640/6646906.jpg" /> </a>" />
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