In Platinum, players control either a male or female child character, and start off with one of three Pokémon - Chimchar, Turtwig, or Piplup from Professor Rowan. The mascot Pokémon is Giratina, and is one of the central plots of the game. While it only had one form in Diamond and Pearl, it is given a new alternate form alongside a new area called the Distortion World, which features altered physics from the normal land of Sinnoh. The gameplay stays true to traditional Pokémon mechanics. Players explore a large area, which ranges from mountains, bodies of water, grasslands, populated areas, and snowy areas. Similarly to previous titles, players enter battles with other Pokémon, taking turns attacking each other.
Pokémon Platinum has been met with generally positive reception, holding aggregate scores of 84 and 83.14% at Metacritic and Game Rankings respectively. It was praised for the additions and changes made to Diamond and Pearl by publications such as IGN, Nintendo Power, and GamePro, though it has been criticized for being too similar to them. IGN included it as the ninth best Nintendo DS game ever made, as well as nominating it as one of the best DS role-playing games of 2009. It was the fastest-selling game in Japan at the time, selling 7.06 million copies by May 7, 2010." />
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