Choose your starter Raichu, Houndoom or Aerodactyl (Lv.5).

Catch legendary Pokemons like Dragonite, Lugia, Mew, Mewtwo on Route 29 as on screenshots below. Catch all 251 Pokemons.

Dragonite on Route 29
Lugia on Route 29
Mew on Route 29
Mewtwo on Route 29
Kabutops on MT. Silver
Rapidash on Route 31
Moltres on Route 33
Zapdos on Route 33
Articuno on Route 33
Silver Cave in Olivine City is open
Blastoise in Silver Cave
Venusaur in Silver Cave
Free Items at the Marts
Powerful Ursaring found in Silver Cave at Lv. 72
Ursaring's High Attack can beat the Elite Four" />
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