3- Install the file "N-Gage v1.40 (1557) s60v3.sis". It will install many files and stuff... you just have to keep pressing the "continue" option until it installs all the stuff.

4- Open the file: "N-GAGE_E-SERIES.rar" and extract its content to any directory. You'll have 3 files: 10202be9.rar, 20001079.txt and playcommon.mbm.

5- Extract the contents of "10202be9.rar", it will decompress a folder with the same name, then you'll have to copy all the files contained in that folder to the following location in your phone: "c:/private/10202BE9" (use X-plore to copy the files). X-plore will ask for permission to overwrite some files, just hit yes to overwrite the files.

In order to view the files your phone has to be h4cked or you won't be able to see, copy and overwrite the files. I'm not expert h4cking phones but you can find it here.

6- Copy the file "20001079.txt" (located in N-GAGE SERIE E.rar) to the same location in your phone (c:/private/10202BE9).

7- Copy the file "playcommon.mbm" (located in N-GAGE_E-SERIES.rar) to the following location in your phone: "c:/resourcer/apps" and overwrite the existing file if it asks.

8- Install the "N-Gage.Fixes.sis" file to correct some issues with some games

To install N-Gage game, if you already downloaded game with .n-gage file just put it in folder "ngage" that created in memory card after you installed n-gage application.

Also, you can use Magickey to map your QWERTY keyboard to the traditional layout used by n-gage as it doesn't properly support the keyboard of E63/E71. (I've added the installer to the rar file in case you don't have it already)

You can use the following map in Magickey:

No. 1: org: 82 -----> map to: 49
No. 2: org: 84 -----> map to: 50
No. 3: org: 89 -----> map to: 51
No. 4: org: 70 -----> map to: 52
No. 5: org: 71 -----> map to: 53
No. 6: org: 72 -----> map to: 54
No. 7: org: 86 -----> map to: 55
No. 8: org: 66 -----> map to: 56
No. 9: org: 78 -----> map to: 57
No. 0: org: 77 -----> map to: 48
Symbol *: org: 85 -----> map to: 133
Symbol #: org: 74 -----> map to: 127

Hope this works for you. And don't forget to 'Add to Favourite'.
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