Pokemon ThunderStar

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Completely New & Different Story

1) Dratini
2) Horice (Ice Horsea)
3) Torchic (Dragon,Ice,Fire combo)

This Story takes place 10 yrs after young Trainer Ash ketchum lost to Brooks(Giovanni) and his team. Brooks becomes the king of the Pokemon World and Team Seatin are here and they treat the Pokemon very cruelly. So it's upto an a young 13 yr old boy who begins his journey with the help of his brother Prof.Sam.

The 3 Regis escape from their resting places and Brooks wants to capture them. Before he does u must capture them and then fight a very secret pokemon , the strongest. A dragon/dark type mostly. Your rival is Brook’s son who has run away from home and tries to compete with u. You must however fight the 8 Seatin Admins and recover the stolen gems which bring great power and prestige to the owner. Then u must enter the arena to fight the Seatin administratives and vice-president who’ll tell u how to go ahead to Brooks.
-Completely new cities.
-Different dialogues and storyline.
-All gym leaders and elite's are Team Seatin admins and executives.
-The 3 Regis instead of Suicune,Raikou and Entei.
-One Secret Pokemon which I will not reveal.
-All Pokemon can be caught.
-All battles are very hard and all levels of Pokemon are increased Greatly.
and much more.

Orginally Hacked By By Pokechamp_888
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