Summer’s coming, so don’t waste your time! Start a pleasant vacation and taste all sorts of amusement. The best way to spend your time is to strike up a love-affair with a hot beauty or two… but maybe you want more, so live in a macho-style and charm as many women as it is possible! “Macho sim” allows you to test your pick-up skills and perfect some useful seductive techniques. As in real life it is able to win a heart of a girl in different ways. You can cover her with a heap of luxurious gifts or turn her head with gentle complements. Some will astonish their lady-lover with witty jokes and another will impress by embossed muscles. You are free to choose any tactic you prefer. Between the games with your girls you are able to relax and earn some money in the casino where you can take a chance in Black Jack or roulette. “Macho sim” – be macho! Game features: 4 charming girls with unique characters and temperaments 3 bonus mini-games several locations for parties, entertainment and temptation gallery mode to view your unlocked beauties any time" />
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