it does all the rest for you

1)first sign HelloOX,The certificates from here will work:
more info:
2)then install HelloOX
3)now run HelloOX via application and wait,All steps run automatic
4)after that open rom patcher app and apply 2 patches there(install server,open4all) and add to auto
All done....ur ph is now fully
run HelloOX2 again after Hack, it'll prompt a menu let you choose UnHack or
Hack again.
2)Sony Ericsson Satio/U1/U1i,E63/E66/E71 firmware 400.21.013,Nokia X6 version 11.0.077,Nokia 5230,Satio R1CA037 and 5530 XpressMusic 20.0.080,N82/N95/N95 8GB latest firmware version 35.x and all older phones-firmwares are Hackable with current version HelloOX2 v2.03!

5800 XpressMusic firmware version 40.x,E52 firmware 022.009,Nokia N97 v20/v21,Nokia N97 mini v11,Nokia N86 v20/v21,
are UnHackable with HelloOX2 v2.03!
If phone have been Hacked, all Hack will still be there after update with Nokia Software Updater, but it'll gone when you do a factory reset.

2.03 update
- new feature UnHack! just run HelloOX2 again after Hack, it'll prompt a menu
let you choose UnHack or Hack again (don't use this function after update to
UnHackable firmware)
- include RomPatcher+ update to v2.2 (by Il.Socio)
- Modo removed, because open4all working on all phones, we don't need it now
- compatibility fix for 5700, 6110, 6120, E61, E61i, E65
What is HelloOX2?
HelloOX2 is an One step Hacking tool for all Symbian S60 3rd & 5th phone.
Hacking mean that it can get full access to your phone's system folders and
files, with this capability,Completely fix annoying certificate error!

HelloOX2 is here for everything you need. Hacking in only One step, just run it,
it does all the rest for you. It have been tested and confirm working on almost
all device, include the newest S60 phone model N86, N97, 5800, 5530......etc

All credits goes to:
GANG's brothers

and Thanks to all people who made this possible!" />
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